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Equipment & Funding

Minor operations, ECGs etc, are all performed by the staff as part of the service, ie at no charge, but we have to bear the cost of the equipment which is not provided by the NHS. 

Many items have been purchased with funds raised by local organisations and many, including major items such as our autoclave, by generous individual donations. If you feel you would like to contribute in some way to this fund, please see one of the partners or the practice manager. 

Cheques should be made payable to Penny’s Hill Practice. 

The Equipment fund was started in 1973 after a donation of a stamp collection by the late William Anderson. There were then some major contributions from the Ferndown Golf Club (via the Alliss -Manitou) and the Dormy Hotel. Since then it has been boosted by small and large contributions, all gratefully received and usefully spent. The fund has enabled the Practice to be second to none in its equipment but has also enabled us to be independent to some extent of unwanted Government pressure.

In addition to donations from patients directly we also recieve additional funding from the Friends of the Practice. Over the last few years donations from the Friends have allowed us to purchase a purpose made vaccine refrigerator, a spirometer used daily for measuring lung function and a new hydraulic examination couch in the treatment room to be used for minor surgery and cervical smears.  

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