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Booking Covid Immunisations – January 2021

From 20th January we will be sending out invitations to book Covid Vaccinations by text. The text will read – ‘Dear patient, you are being invited to book your first Covid vaccination at St Leonards Hospital, BH24 2RR. This is your GP Practice led site. Please note, your second appointment will be booked by us at the same time to the day 12 weeks later’.

Patients will receive this message to book an appointment through a link which also contains information regarding the vaccines on the NHS website. They will also receive a confirmation SMS. Patients can also decline the vaccine if they choose.

If anyone does not have a mobile telephone, we will continue to phone on your landline to book your appointment. Please do not phone us to let us know you do not have a mobile phone – we will ring you on your landline and our system will automatically alert us to this fact.

21 January 2021