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NHS Covid-19 tracing app

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Can I install the NHS Covid-19 Tracing App?

For all queries regarding the NHS Covid-19 Tracing App we ask that you visit this UK Government website.

I hear there are privacy concerns regarding this app. Should I install or use this app?

There have been concerns expressed in the media regarding potential privacy issues and data retention issues by using this app.We cannot advise individuals whether or not to use this app but as with anything that involves your personal data, we strongly advise that you are fully aware of the privacy notices that you agree to when giving permission for the use of your personal data and if you do not agree completely, you should not give your permission for your data to be used this way.

Is this app from you? Are you responsible for it?

No, we do not have an app. The app is the responsibility of NHS England and the UK Government. They will be the data controller for the purposes of data protection and any queries or concerns regarding your data and its use via the app must be addressed to them.

The app says I have to be living on the Isle of Wight. I don’t live on the Isle of Wight. How can I install it? Why can’t I install it? When will I be able to?

The NHS COVID-19 App currently only works on the Isle of Wight. More information can be found here.

Last updated 1 June 2020

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