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Coronavirus Immunisation Information

To report side-effects from your Covid-19 immunisation, visit the Yellow Card site here.

For NHS information on the Covid-19 immunisation, visit the NHS site here.

If you are eligible to book for the Covid-19 immunisation, you can do so through the NHS site here.

The latest Covid-19 Immunisation update is available here.

The information to Frontline Health and Social Care Workers regarding Covid-19 immunisations is available here.

Information regarding the ongoing Covid-19 immunisation fraud and scam texts and emails is available here and the podflash episode is below:

The first episode of our Coronavirus Immuisation FAQs podcast with questions submitted by our patients and listeners is available here and also below:

Information on text messages you might receive from us regarding your appointment is here.

Information regarding our current immunisation progress is on the pop-up that appears when you load our home page and is constantly updated as we work through the cohorts.

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