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Covid immunisation fraud warning

We are aware of reports of a large increase in emails and text messages being sent to people telling them they have been selected for a Covid immunisation and pretending to be from the NHS but are actually fraudulent emails sent by criminals trying to get your bank details.

These emails and text messages look very convincing and often have the NHS logo or appear to come from the Test and Trace service. All of the messages will ask you for your bank details, debit card details or credit card details – the criminals will suggest that no money will be taken and they need the details to confirm your address or eligibility.

The NHS will NEVER ask you for any form of payment details for you to have your FREE Covid immunisation. If you are being asked for payment details, no matter how convincing the email, text, website or caller is, you are being scammed by criminals and we advise you to stop or hang-up immediately and DO NOT give any banking or financial details. You will also never be asked to hand over cash for a Covid immunisation- all Covid immunisations in the UK are free.

Below we have attached some examples of the types of scam messages people are receiving so you can see what to look out for. They all appear very genuine but they are all fake and sent by criminals.

This scam email appears to come from the NHS Test and Trace service. If you click on either link, you will be asked for payment details. This is a scam.

This website appears to be from the NHS and seems very genuine. However, it asks you for payment details “to check billing”- this is a scam. You will NEVER be asked for your payment details.

This unsolicited text message tells you you are eligible for the vaccine and asks you to go to a link that is not an NHS or UK Government link (ending or this is a scam and the page that it takes you to looks very genuine but asks you for your payment details.

Fraudsters and criminals are taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic and trying to get your money. Remember, the NHS will NEVER ask you for your payment details or banking details for you to get your free NHS Covid vaccine.

More information on these scams is available here and here at ActionFraud. If you believe you have been scammed or given your details to a scammer or criminal, contact the police on 101 as well as your bank immediately using the phone number on the back of your credit or debit card.

Hear our one minute podflash on the topic here:

Please feel free to send this page to others to make them aware of the scams currently going on.

27 January 2021