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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is very common and we all know someone who suffers with hearing loss, or we may even suffer with it ourselves. But did you know there are different causes? And do you know when we might want to know about your hearing loss because we will want to investigate it further, maybe even needing a brain scan?

What about if you suddenly lose your hearing? Is that more or less worrying than gradual hearing loss? And what about ringing in the ears?

There are many different causes, from ear wax to acoustic neuroma and all have different treatments. If you have new unexpected hearing loss, we would like to know because we can bring you in to the surgery and check your ears before deciding if you need further investigation.

In this week’s podcast, we look at hearing loss in the first of our series of “What do I do if I have…”. And we answer all these questions, and more. You can hear the podcast on our podcast page or you can hear it here:

30 November 2020