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Migrant Health – Ukrainian host family support

The following is a message from Castleman Healthcare.

Offering a Ukrainian guest a place to stay in your home is a generous commitment but it may come with some complex challenges and Castleman Healthcare would like to support you in this journey.

Castleman Healthcare is offering patients who are registered with one of the GP practices in Network Poole North, Crane Valley and the Wimborne & Ferndown Primary Care Networks the opportunity to attend a free network that will help you support the Ukrainian family that you are either hosting or are waiting for.

The group session will be led and facilitated by a trained family psychotherapeutic counsellor. Each session will be limited to 12 participants and last 90 minutes with refreshments provided.

We will meet monthly at either St Marys Church, Ferndown or the Broadstone Methodist Church, with morning, afternoon and late afternoon sessions available. Our first session will be run on 23rd May 2022.


To find out more about this monthly support group and to book your slot please click HERE

16 May 2022