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“Penny’s Hill Information Club”

You’ve heard of a book club but we are starting a very informal “information club”. Here we can give you a resource to read or watch or listen to that we think you might find interesting.

This time Dr Helen Speakman has suggested a half-hour radio programme that aired on Radio 4 in the UK on Monday this week. Episode 1 of “How to vaccinate the world” is hosted by Tim Harford and discusses the latest information about the widely-publicised coronavirus vaccines that are close to global release.

In this first episode, Tim and his guests:

  • explain a little more about the vaccines,
  • explain how they work,
  • discuss the differences between the vaccines you might have heard of,
  • examine what safety processes the pharmaceutical companies have to go through,
  • explore why there has never been a coronavirus vaccine before,
  • ask will these vaccines protect against future coronaviruses,
  • consider if any of these vaccines actually prevent transmission as well as preventing diease,
  • and ask what actually is “vaccine hesitancy”?

Have a listen to the episode via the BBC Sounds website.

Please note, the information and opinions in the resource suggested are of the authors or performers or hosts or presenters or participants of that resource and may not reflect the opinions or advice or beliefs of the Practice. The suggested resource has been provided as a suggestion for something that you might find interesting only.

19 November 2020