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Penny’s Hill Practice Podcast Season One

This is the first season of the Penny’s Hill Practice Podcast. Dr Hamp and Dr McGinley will lead you through different topics and up-to-date information and we will have a number of special guests to help advise you on important health topics.

We upload every Monday morning, so keep an ear out for the next podcast!

Click on the month below to open the podcasts released that month- the current month remains open when you visit this page. Our special podcasts are available on the Podcast Specials page and also listed below.

Season 1- May 2020
Season 1- June 2020
Season 1- July 2020

Season 1- August 2020
Season 1- September 2020

Season 1- October 2020

Season 1- November 2020
Season 1- December 2020

Have a suggestion for topics orguests? Want to say hello or have a mention? Want to share a pearl of wisdom? Let us know below.