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Podcasts now live!

We are pleased to announce that as well as our new and updated website, we are starting our own series of podcasts. These are all recorded in-house and free of advertising.

Dr Hamp and Dr McGinley will lead you through different topics and up-to-date information and we will have a number of special guests to help advise you on important health topics.

Our aim is to provide easier access to a wider range of our patients to health information, and with our new website and the new ways of working we have introduced recently, now is a good time to implement these. We are also hoping as we build a library of podcasts that we will be able to provide you with easy to access health information on a range of topics.

Good news! We have now gone live as of today, Monday 18 May 2020!

If you have any suggestions for topics then please email us email at [email protected] and put the word “Podcast” as your subject or you can also use the form available on this page.

Check out our new podcast page here.

15 May 2020