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Podcasts now available to listen on your favourite app

Do you know how much sunscreen to use or how often to apply it? Do you know what dose of vitamin D to take? Do you know how to manage your asthma and COPD, especially at this time? Does having COPD make you more likely to catch Coronavirus?

If you have been listening to our new podcsats, you will know the answers to all these questions, and more! And now, you can now listen to our podcasts from your favourite podcast app making it easier for you to keep updated even when on the move!

We are available on the Apple Podcasts app via iTunes; the Google Podcast app; Spotify; and also on TuneIn.

Click on any of the logos to take you to our podcast page on your favourite app

You can of course continue to listen via our website or via our page. Remember listening through our site gives you access to our podcast contact form.

We have had a number of listeners contact us, and we are pleased to say that our podcast has listeners outside of the UK as well, so why don’t you drop us a line and say hello, let us know where you are listening from, give us any comments or suggestions, or if you have a pearl of wisdom you would like to share with all of our listeners, get in touch.

You can email us at [email protected], you can access our podcast contact form on our website (or further down on this post), or you can also send us a message via our page.

So far, we have had podcasts on COPD, asthma, health coaches and social prescribers, and sunshine and vitamin D. Keep listening as we have some really interesting and useful podcasts coming up, including podcasts on diabetes, kidney injury, drug and alcohol advice, travel advice and much more. And remember, if you know anyone who doesn’t listen but you think might be interested, let them know!

Thanks for listening!

Dr Hamp and Dr McGinley

22 June 2020