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REACH is a social enterprise providing substance misuse services with a number of partners across Dorset, including alcohol misuse services.

REACH can help you if you are local to Dorset. In this episode of the Penny’s Hill Practice Podcast, Dr Geoff Hamp and Dr Sam McGinley are joined by Colette Liddiard and Rachel Clements, both Family Support Workers, from REACH. They explain the good work the Family Support Workers do, as well as explore some of the issues that lockdown has caused for them. 

To contact REACH, ring them on 0800 043 4656 or go to their website or follow them on Twitter (@EDPDrugAlcohol), Facebook and Instagram.

If you need some help with mental health problems, please contact your doctor, or in the UK have a look at the NHS links to support services. Do not suffer in silence. There is someone there who can help.

You can hear the podcast on our podcast page or you can hear it here:

And if you haven’t heard last week’s podcast on Alcohol Awareness which we broadcast for Alcohol Awareness Week 2020, you can hear that on our podcast page or you can hear it here:

23 November 2020